With the commissioned funding through CITB, the National Demolition Training Group (Scotland) has been given the opportunity to establish the Specialist Assessment & Training Centre Limited (SATC) within the Nisbet Business Centre (Glasgow) The SATC has also been given CITB funding to offer subsidised VQs to the demolition / asbestos / specialist plant industries.

The SATC is currently progressing with C/Skills Awards accreditation and will then apply for SQA Centre Status. The funding assistance from CITB and the support of the National Specialist Accredited Centre will enable the specialist sector in Scotland to have the resources readily available in future to maintain high standards of delivery and qualify the workforce of the specialist sector at a reasonable cost with industry always in mind. Following this Project, this Centre will have the ability to service the whole specialist sector of the construction industry in Scotland from its base at Nisbet Business Centre, which is a service urgently needed. Watch this space for updates on SATC’s progress.

For information please contact the Centre Manager at info@specialist-atc.com or telephone 0141 554 1369.


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